- Eladi Batriani


Eladi Batriani was born in Barcelona. His interest in music began from an early stage of his life. He took his first music theory and piano lessons at the age of 12, by that time he closely followed punk-rock bands. He learnt to compose his firts songs together with his electric guitar.As the years passed by and with evolution of music he got special interest for the 90’s electronic sounds. His first contact with the DJ’s world begin with the involment of a local radio station. Then, Eladi changed his electronic guitar for a couple of analogue synthesizers.In 2002 being producer, manager and A&R in Traxworks Records helped him to launch his work in digital stores, Junodownload, Play Digital, Bearport, Itunes, etc.Now, Eladi is working together with vocals and producers from Barcelona and with Pacha Recordings, Blanco y Negro, Universal Music Group, La puta music, and more labels...