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 - Genaro Fernandez


Born in Las Palmas, Spain volcanic islands, December 2, 1981 Genaro Fernandez is a versatile artist who has been involved in the music scene for many years and considers himself self-taught.He started very young and continues to this day with great persistence and effort, it is believed that music is the feelings that make the rhythm and harmony reaches the depths of the soul therefore uses melodies with dark and percussive sounds that make his music full of energy.It has more than 15 years as a professional in the industry of electronic music as DJ and more than 8 years of musical production, but recently released his first solo albumHis audience was surprised with his first album time tunnel which was launched in 2016 under the label of Kick Point Records.Currently he is the best talents of his island and his career being recognized by the public, music critics, promoters, agents.