- Troj


DJ TROJ (Jort Kuiken) started as a hip-hop and R&B dj in the early years of his career, it didn’t take long for him to make the switch to house music. (for the love of house) He loved digging for records in the record shops of Amsterdam, and playing them in the clubs. And he soon became resident dj of Club Dreams (Amsterdam) in 1998. After 4 years he decided to change his style from house to Eclectic, and in 2002 became the resident dj of Club Nasty (Amsterdam) till now. In 2010 he started his own party called HOUSE OF TROJ and brought the party to Club Rain (Amsterdam) and Bungalow 8 (Amsterdam). Soon after HOUSE OF TROJ, he started a different night in bungalow 8 called SNAP!. (The Night train) In 2012 he was asked if he wanted to play the afterparty’s at Escape Venue (Amsterdam) back 2 back with Robert Feelgood and they did so for 2 years.Then in 2014 he was asked to become the resident dj of the friday nights at Escape Venue (Amsterdam) called HOUSE RULES.


Vido Jelashe, Turntill, Tom Lang, Alexander Zerning, Max RubaDub, Riddemption, Sukurumba, Dunn Ho Landrock, Sista Namely, Skarra Mucci, Steven Solveig, Dollarbox, No Joda, Anger Inc, Andy Mittoo, Felix Thoma, Ingo Herrmann, Beska Roots, Mariano Dimonte, Smokelab, Ian Sky, Ralf Gottlieb, Baby G, Elly Kinzel, Johnny Freeze, Pitika Nation, Jah Signal, Snamed, Half Decent, Bobby Cunda, DJ Andersoon, Kacy Reese, Luccablue, Absolute Criminals, Fyah George, UMOYA, Mama'S Anthem, Kabanjak, Shakka Black, Jokerface, John Ohry, Oba Simba, Rene Petershagen, Dablessed, Chilla, Donna Wetter, Hydro, Troj, Lyrical Benjie, Francisco Perez Mazon, Politis, Vibes MC, Giuliano Trivigno, NOUSOUND, So'Nia, Gracco Sound, Soundstylers, Sonia Eyes, Clubstas, Mr. T.O, Ronnie MC Adoo, NukleoSoulgang, Mr. Bobcat, Peter Hobbie, Liandra, The Nutty Boys, DreaDnuT, Roller B, Young Lion, 3rd Son Levi, Goldfinga, Joseph Blue, Marinatone, John Spark, Dominika T., Sista Giuly, Ghiorz, Skaperol, The Instant Voodoo Kit, Mistah Kayaman, Giw, Ruben Hidalgo, Aaron Reyes, Wesley Roderick Burford, Erick Kristal, Easton Clarke, Ede Whiteman, Inusa Dawuda, B.Infinite, Edward Sanchez Drd, Nio Cara, dieSKA, Julito Cesar El Emperador, Pablo Timba, Magic6, brennholzverleih, House of Pancakes, Serranitos Tropicales, Chisco, El V, Hueso Negro, Gamba the Lenk, Gillo, the ROOTS CORPORAL, Manlio Calafrocampano, Jamas, Hekima, Luchano, Neekoshy, Rasdo, Popular Chic, Valentina, Thomas Katrozan, Balaklava, Kidd Off the Chain, Crosby, Daddy Spencer, Jah Balance, Sheba, Royal Gruv Sound, Trijahnity, Strandom, Rory Hoy, Max RubaDub, Mpi Moombahton, Moombahton, JSR, Marc Veiz, DJ La Cat, Bert Rand
Alternative Tunes | 2018-09-07