- Thanac


Born and raised on the mean streets of Lampang Thailand, THANAC, AKA Thanachon Nuangpim, started his musical journey when he was 2012, when he was given a musical instrument by his degree in Leeds Metropolitan University was at this moment that Thanachon Nuangpim knew he wanted to be part of 'EDM DJs'. He first became interested in the electronic music scene in 2012. In 2014, aged 21, his Mum and Dad bought him his first set of DJ Controller. At the age of 22, he was already being touted as Thailand Hostest Rookey DJ (before his trip to Amsterdam). He did various warm up sets before the doors opened in clubs hosting major names such as in Ratchada Soi 4, and many more. In 2015, he achieved his big break when he THANAC realised he was big in the game. It was after this point when he started getting gigs at big events such as Big Private Party in Thonglor and Songkran Festival at Ratchada Soi 4. After receiving several offers, THANAC joined Recordings, who helped distribute his first internet release, 'Dive in to beauty' in 2017. Though the single didn't sell as many as he probably would have liked, THANAC is a fighter and after that has been locked in the studio perfecting his craft. Suffice to say, the EDM scene should be expecting big things from THANAC in 2015.