- 7even Icon


"7even Icon", class '73, he began to love music already as a child, until they become an integral part of his life.Finished school he continued his studies orienting it right on studying piano and violin, although his greatest passion, that of the electric guitar and bass, will soon become a reality. Fonda together with 6 other musicians a group Heavy Metal that will be called just "The 7even Icon".But it does not end here, from Metal subside after a few years to get interested in Trance and Progressive Music of the 90s, in particular, one evening in a disco in Romagna, a famous DJ of those years will drive pass the Mystic Force - Psychic Harmony (for him still one of the most beautiful songs ever), from there begins the journey then led him to do what he loves most still: "the Dj"In 2002, following a series of courses to hone the techniques of mixing and the use of tools used by Dj.In 2003 ends successfully the course "Sound Engineering and Recording"In 2009 he realized the dream of setting up his own recording studio, where he still makes his songs.Musical genres they prefer are: Techno, Minimal, Electro.It 's always looking to vary his Dj-Set including sound and bases are always different and innovative, so as to "DO NOT LOOK LIKE" to the mass that surrounds us today.Some of the rooms in which he played: Tenax, Yab, Goa, Bahia, Rivasud, Kinki, Villa Serena, Fables, Made in Bo, Backstage, Plastic Palace, Factory Club, The Factory, 45 RPM, Nice.


Over 100 Party House Tracks
Degreezero, Leotone, Tommy Boccuto, Mila, Fabio Amoroso, Jack Bad, Julian Bainbridge, DANCAS, Steve Walls, Tommy Glasses, Nino C, Tisapear, Soyler, Morris Jones, E - Verformung, Bubba Rich Rhymes, Der Energieberater, G Papa, Audiolove, Setter, Ely Blk, Nuri, Mattei & Omich, Tony T, Alba Kras, Sherman de Vries, DJ Combo, DJ Raphael, Ease & Taste, Lucia Vox, Liba, Plexis, Cooper, Price, Ghedzo, Dimi P, Keywave, Shavina, Tosch, Aaron The Baron, Kicktrex, Max Zierke, Bahlzack, My Dirty House, TR-MEET & BIGROCK, Geo Vanakos, Ivan Herb, DJ HXL, S.o.B.Beats, Snamed, Manu El Chino, The Lost Soundsystem, DScale, Mustafa JJ, The Teachers, DJ Max Lietta, Mathew Brabham, DJ Nasty Deluxe, Shanai, Mark Vox, Denis Goldin, WTDJ, Robbie Mirello, Jack & Jones, Oscar Bardelli, Krizoo, Carl H, Imagineer, Gamys, Francisco Bolsa, Dr. Nindii, Samuel La Manna, DJ-T, Wouter Visser, Leanne Lawson, Blueice DJ, Jean Deep, E-7 Klanglabor, Maxim Novitskiy, Yamall, Neiva, Alex Pizzuti, Fabian Ferra, Look @ F, Invisible Tune, Claudio Tempesta, 7even Icon, Silvia Guidotti, Man P, Ralf Velasquez, Vancek, Anirhythm, Ascii Witchcraft, Jimmy de la Mar, Ann Adrett, DJ Istar, Sonimun, Bobby Silk, Tamborder, The Candyman, The Henchmen, Moonwaker, Osictone, Mikael Weermets, The Mighty Skyscraperz, Jovan, Jay Tomas, N.D.A., Chris Galmon, Kane44, Kris Benton, Distracted B., Mordax, Lignin, Markus Engel, Andrea Di Maso, Laera, #Techtre, Johnny Freeze, Charly Vi, Simon Sim's, Tymers, Luny, Rob Hayes, Delta Alpha, Yence505, Dip Dip, Argis, San Sebastian, BoomBeatz IT, Cristian Van Gurgel, Mint Jaz, Torrex, Sara & Bob, Joey Funk, F.M.S.B., Brown Sugar, Niko De Luka, Andy Thorman, Calenzo, Pastichio Rockers, Ckeurk, Monsieur F, Dan Jander, Lee & Sun, Tobias Philippen, 7even Icon, Novello, Napoletani, Fabiolarte, Dany Begon, Deeptrak, Madman Stylez, Suka
Final House Rec. (Spain) | 2017-09-23