- Paolo Fanelli


Paolo Fanelli found a thread very early to shape the rest of his life. The music threw their hooks, grasped his heart, and grew up in the flesh of what Paolo is today.In electronics has been engaged since teenage days. At that early time, he meets the Amiga demo .The media and party culture was the most influenced by the design of his music style and worldview in early nineties.Paolo filled his living space obsessively with various equipment and through this process of play through improvisation and creativity, first beats , tracks and remixes are created.Initial gameplay has become great passion and love with electronic music.Always looking for a new sound, Paolo attaches the advantage to newer production at the same time, not forgetting the roots of electronics. His style can be described as a mix of minimal techno & deep-tech with a lot of old-school remixes that gives a pure dance beat with a warm bass melody