- Kryptonicadjs


Kryptonica Sonya and Kryptonica Cesar together we are called Kryptonica djs; we are from, Milan,but we started our dj career in London back to the 90', A few years in London, back to Italy for while, then directly to Ibiza. We played in Dc 10,( at that time was not circoloco....sing),Guarana,Mao Rooms,Bambudda Groove,Kilometro 5, Blue Marlin,The Funky Room ,Morgana,Akelar,the radio Cadena Cien( Ibiza Global Radio). Now our base is Milano,where we played at La groova,De sade,Amnesia, Magazzini Genarali,Music Drome,La Cattedrale,Celebrita',Aquatica,Beau Geste,Plastic,Black Hotel,Codice a Barre. Music style:tech-house,deep. WE PLAY B2B ALSO WITH ANDREFABBRIKK DJ; WE OWN TOGETHER WITH ANDREFABBRIKK OUR LABEL IN GERMANY CALLED " KRYPTOFABBRIKK RECORDS."