- Mauro Rubio


Born in Córdoba, Argentina (1995).Mauro and his interest in music start from a very young age, the environment in which the song is heard on vinyl, genres such as trance, house and chill out that were his first contacts with electronic music.Beginning his first productions in the year 2011 in Cordoba obtaining with the years to be part of labels like: Bosom, Orbital Record, Malibu Records, Deep Tech LabHis short career as a DJ began in 2015, earning his place in clubs or at renowned underground parties in the city such as Bela Lugosi, Basement Club, Fruta.Sharing cabin with artists like: Luciano Le Bihan, Nacho Bologniani, Dual t, The Sirius, Rodri Vacis, Mati Paredes, Pedro Krywokulski, Mati Cabido, Nacho Padilla, Maxi Galoppo, Agus Paredes.His main influences are DJs Producers like: Barem, James Dexter, Ronnie Spiteri, Illan Nicciani, Londonground.