- BlazV


In touch with techno from mid 90's , but despite over a decade long experience with clubbing up until 2008 mainly focusing on bedroom music production. With growing trends of minimal, production follows, but slips back toward techno latter. Meanwhile, success ensues on Papstec records. Breakthrough and a leap from listener to perforrmer happens with release of 10 000 808 Claps on legendary Jesus Loved You with Tomy DeClerque remixing and attendance at club InBox Open Decks Project, resoulting in performance at Disconautica 2009. Lately a string of releases follows on StarsTraxx Reloaded and a very sucessfull EP "BlazV - Noizzeous" on CODE label, which gets support from all relevand DJs with Umek on top! As a DJ, BlazV doesn't give in to monotonous nature people associate with new wave of techno, strieves to surpass it on every ocassion and prove people wrong on the dancefloor!