- Dunkel Dame


Lucia Rasini aka Dunkel Dame, born in May 87 in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In love with dark and creepy sounds, she started experimenting minimal techno music. In 2013 she realized that there was a need inside her of returningsomething to music.She had her first gig in a cicle called Eine Reise at Mas Bass, a club outside the city where she discovered that beautifulfelling of mixing the music she loves.Nowadays she loves high BPM with acid and Industrial melodies.Her Podcast were listen around the world, TechnoPoetry (Russia),Strom Kraft (Zurich), Cannibal Radio (Greece),Bizarre Porn DNA (Germany), Undergroove Radioshow (Moscow),Oriente's Crowd (Colombia),Extractrecords (Czech Republic), Musica por Colombia (Colombia), Señales Techno (Uruguay), etc.In Argentina VDP Stream Radio, Vincent Techno, Music Lab, Alma Electronica, Ushuaia Bunker, Sterak Sessions,E-Studio, Sound-Room, Elegant Sector,Was part of some local and sud american radioshows as Uculturemix Radio (Argentina),Orden of a Dragon (Argentina), Beats & Groove (Chile) y Underbones Promotions (Argentina),Total Underground (Mexico).Had some realeses on Clash & Splash (Ukraine), Labelton (Germany), Mephyst (Colombia), Taro Records (UK) and Society Music Recordings (Italy).