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 - Dealirium


Austrian-born Dj / Producer, started early on to produce andplay electronic music under his moniker Mike Deal.Starting in small clubs like Bermuda, up to the legendaryCave Club inSalzburg, he played his driving techno sets alongside thelikesof W.J. Henze, Eric Sneo, Lars Klein and Adam Beyer. In thebeginningof 2005 and 2006 he released his first Hard Technoproduction "thebells of fashion" on F.A.T. tm02 /Schranz Total 10 and the"Dark Mind"EP on Composure 22.After a longer break, and with new ambitions and a newimage, he isstarting again 2012 under his novel moniker: Dealirium. Hisstyleranges from Deep House over Tech-House to Techno andhe is refining histracks with dark sound elements or house-like grooves,which hecombines with hard and driving kick drums to produce aforward-movingcomposition.