- Dtst


DTST stands for 'District South' and this artist is from the deepest south part of the Netherlands. You can discribe his techno sounds deep, minimalistic, raw and dark with a punch of a kick. His choice of techno music is a selection that will take you on his dark journey during his DJ set. If you seek for a story teller, than you can nd DTST in a underground techno club and most of all at a warehouse rave. DTST is a co-founder and owner from Monotoon Recordings and Monotoon Obscure Records together with Dann At Bridges and Jens Manuel. This techno label has his soil in Heerlen from the Netherlands. DTST is a resident producer for ROHS from Set Tone Recordings and together with Carara they are working on a new collab by the name 'a new dark chapter'.