- Perthil


Let's start in 2001, my rst gig at SonneMondSterne, because of winning a newcomer contest! Five years of developing, searching and playing all those little locations to follow, lots of projects and releases under various names on different labels. In 2006, after succesfully nishing my study of musicology and sociology in Leipzig, I startet writing for Freshguide Magazin (Berlin) and did my return to SonneMondSterne, and from that moment on writing about music and doing music on my own was the way to go. And on that way: SonneMondSterne 2006-2010, Summer Spirit 2009 and 2011, Nature One 2011 as well as Tresor Berlin, Butanclub Wuppertal, M-Bia Berlin, BKI Hamburg, Schönwetter/Mauerpark, Berlin and many many more ...