- Simon Jaxx


Simon Jaxx has been playing and producing quality minimal techhouse and electronic music for over 15 years. He starts his musical career and background in the age of 5 year, when he learned to play Piano and Violine. During that time he was trained to play without notes and improvise by ear, to feel and express music. In the early 90ies he buyed his first analogue synthies and started to produce electronic music, infected from the detroit music stuff. His music has appeared on many compilations all over the world and 1998 he starts his first electronic music label "Bunka Records". In this time period he worked and played together with international DJ`s like Damon Wilde, Claude Young, Steve Bug, Felix Da Housecat and many more at different places in the world. 2008 he starts his digital label "Frequently Music" open minded for Newcomers in the worldwide DJ- and Clubscene. Simon Jaxx is well known for his minimal deep techhouse stuff and DJ-Sets, who rumble the dancefloors.


Licence to Chill
Kusuma Orchestra, The Atmosphera, DJ Hope, Makia Blue, Kidd Off the Chain, Voig7, Joling Hyke, Ibor Arma, Bantunani, Mr.dj W.white, L.porsche, Jackob Loost, Rodion Suleymanov, Marlena, Contrer, Collective Sound Members, Crash Club Dummies, A Club Tunes, Dark and Light, Tomasz Pauszek, Arkadiusz Reikowski, Fascinating Case, Vis et Spes, UFOreal, BUTI, Performative Mode, Ipotocaticac, Converted Specifications, Zirkadian Sender, Zadar, Degreezero, TMC, ChillOne, Yan Gillis, Pique Dame, Evoking Silence, Kaxamalka, Serkan Kahraman, DJ Safin Carlo, Djane Helena, Ayla Kent, Niv Lonay, Racha Mabra, Wladyslaw Komendarek, Tory Arndt, Vostok Divers, Koronisia, Mirko*Lovato, Vow, Redde Rationem, Martin Biller, Tad Hutchens, Dreams Machine, Dame Silver, Fexayne, Real meets Unreal, DJ-T, Silbermaus, Elli Uda, Jas0Kool, Jano De Rhodos, Zara Bandit, Benscho, City Capture, Joe Jog, Simon Jaxx, Meeting By Chance, Lafoliedamour, B Bob Combo, Kaffeehaus, Duppy Conqueror, Ivory Simons, Emma Luna, Parstronic, RFN, Andre Kornev, Maremare, Lounge Myrial, Diario, Delbert Schneider, d'olive tre, Darren Kim, The Moonheads, Yin 4 Yang, LPA City, Anima Infinity, Sweetadelic, Chillo, Aida Antonelli, Rangiroa, Pandilla De Flores, Roberto Bellavita, Bessy, Tom Bruessel, Hubertus Eichkorn, Rene Petershagen, Pluntic, Felix Huettl, Dill Bobsen, Euphosonic, Dunn Ho Landrock, Albert Moon, Buddha Lounge DJs, Yurajet, Will Fishman, Ruben Hall, Wesley Colon, Roy Bennett, Rikki Rothermel, Dj Rostej, Des Covington, Massive, Playa, Zad
Chilling Grooves Music | 2018-08-10