- Night Kult


Night Kult is the common project of Fabian Raducan & Gabi Nastasa. It all started back in 1998 when they worked together as producers for the band B.R.I.O. a pop-house orientated project released by Nova Music Entertainment / BMG (Romania). Singles like "Spune-mi tu" and "Dansam pe Faleza" have reached high places in "Romanian Top 100" back in 2000. In 2009 when they meet again , and together start to put into practice their musical ideas and spread their passion for music , passion that join them . "Dance music is so fast moving ,so forward thinking , and we are optimistic about our project, because of our determination , because of our unceasingly search and the experimentation of new sounds , and finaly but not the least because of our professionalism " they say . Today the Night Kult style is highly energetic, very melodic and very easy for all to listen, dance to and enjoy. "Stay tuned and watch us as we grow"