- Axones


Fascined by the electronic music since the middle of the 90's. Native of Rennes in France, he began at first to mix of Drum & Bass from 2002 to evolve then towards Minimal then Tekno. Active member of the collective RESERVOIRSONS, he participates in the organization of the evenings "SIZE" with OPEN FADER from 2011 in the "Jardin Moderne" to Rennes where artists as Flex, D'jamency, Noisebuilder, Dave the drummer, Hackler and Kuch, Dandi & Ugo, Itzaia, Marianos Santos, Commuter will come to play. Recently, afterseveral years of djing he puts itself in the production to take out in October 2012 his first EP on the Italian label Subwoofer Record, then on the labels Bequem Digital, Rough Rabbit Recording, 24 bit, Systamatik Music, Black Pearl Music. Since september 2013 he takes care of the broadcast "Dark beat factory", it's a radio show on FNOOB Techno Radio created by El Grego with his friend Unconscious Laws where much artists and labels came and will come to play !!!