- Mentality H


Mentality H had found his Techno style in 2015 after making some Deep House and House sub-genres. Biggest reason of this was that the only genres express Mentality H's style was Dub Techno and related genres. He likes creating fascinating chords and pads on settled drums as well as using some deep basses as an assist togroove. His first EP published in August, 2015 which made a great success in dub techno scene and gained so much supports from the biggest artists in this category. His style of music againist commercialism always looking for new creation that capable of enchance the music quality. According to him Techno is a state of mind and lifestyle.. In addition to music he likes other abstrakt arts as well as the nature trips. These are pushing him to think intengable things and he's saying that there is no doubt about that our lifes and our ideas do have an influence on our music , Dub Techno is a escape hatch towards everthing we don't like..