- Miraculum


Gyorgy Udvardy was born in 1978, Budapest, Hungary. He experienced electronic music in 1993, four years later he started producing, using the name MiraculuM from the very beginning. The inspiration behind his name selection was trance artists and the latin language's dignified sounding. In the first four year he used FT2 to create his own tracks, then in 2001 he turned to Fruity Loops, which he uses nowdays too. His first offical release was in 2004, when he won a remix competition for the official hungarian Loveparade hymn. In this period his music was goa trance, with a little pointing back to the 90's, and the touch of Holland's actual new wave sound. After long years of unsuccesfullness in 2008 he spent a year in Norway, meanwhile he dissapointed from his favourite genre, started bedroom dj'ing and listening to more progressiver and deeper music. This was a great impact on his work as a producer, his music became more slower, cleaner and leisurely, and it aroused some labels attention. His music was signed to such labels as Jetlag Digital, Spherax Records, Mistique Digital, Indigo Records, Green Martian, Hyline Music, Balkan Connection or Lowbit. He also started a monthly podcast 'Simple Pleasures', where he selects from his actual favourites. Last but not least he established a Proton-sublabel with Erich Von Kollar and Greyloop, called Stellar Fountain Records.