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 - Nicolas Ruiz


Nicolas Ruiz is born in 1989 in Jona Rapperswild, Suitzerland. Today, he is 23 years old, and lives in Argentina. He starts his career as a DJ at the age of 14 in Argentina, getting to know people from the party scene and the whole music environment. A year after, he starts Djing as resident at «Mantra», a club in Puerto Rico, Misiones, Argentina, cradle of the best Djs in the area. At the same place, he stands out for his work as party’s organizer. Two yearslater, he gets his own radio programme, where he shows his musical taste, his influence, and his promising future.Since his early age, he has had inquisitiveness at music trends and curiosity to dig into new sounds. He has been marked by artists like: Soda Stereo, U2, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Daft Punk amongst others. Nevertheless, after listening Deep Dish, Sasha, Hernán Cattaneo, John Digweed, Nick Warren and Ritchie Hawtin, he decides to express himself through music.In 2011, during a trip to his homeland, he takes part in a Dj ́s competition. First prize: playing at the crowded Street Parade, a party which gets together about 1 million people every year. Nicolás Ruiz wins the contest through votes on the web, and through a jury that is dazzled by his great talent. Then, he can show his skills as a Dj to the crowd in the world biggest electronic party. Besides, he takes part in the super event Swiss Nightlife Award, where he does the warm up to Djs Fedde Le Grand and Eric Pridz.During 2012, he is called to play at different cities in important events in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, performing with the famous DJs Jimmy Van M (Bedrock) ; Marcelo Vasami (Buenos Aires) ; Facu Carri ; D-Nox (Germany), and more. Also, he goes on tour around Brazil and Paraguay. Moreover, he works not only in clubs but also in day parties at the beach. He makes an impression in the events “Live”, Primavera Electrónica”, “On Tour”, and so on.Throughout his career, he shares Dj booths with the Djs: Fernando « Gato » Alvarenga (Puerto Rico- Misiones) ; Bendetta (Italy) ; Wally Lopez (Ibiza, Spain) ; Deep Mariano (Buenos Aires) ; Martin Bonansea (Rosario) ; Marcelo Vasami (Buenos Aires) ; Mina (Buenos Aires) ; Flavio Bogado (Posadas, Misiones) ; Diego Welter (Puerto Rico, Misiones).His musical style is House music, which may vary from Tech House to Progressive House, always adapting himself to the place, to the party and, of course, to the public exigency. Nicolas sets the dancefloors on fire wherever he is. He captivates even the most challenging audience due to his charisma and discernment. The party flows freely, the crowd dance tasteful House music. And he, from the Dj booth –hisworkplace and place of passion- is grateful for the affection and reciprocity.