- Yunta


YUNTA are award winning producers Christophe Chantzis & Erik Vanspauwen. Based in Belgium our gifted producers team quickly conquered the world with their infectious beats. With accumulated sales reaching 10 000 000 in singles and albums and tracks on over 100 000 000 compilations we can say our prodigious team truly have made their mark on the world of (dance) music.Actually Christophe Chantzis & Erik Vanspauwen are Belgian’s most successful artists in the UK ever !! iTunes USA number 1 downloaded album. Best sold dance album & dance single of the year UK. Numerous European, UK & German dance number 1’s. The list goes on and on. Example: Christophe Chantzis managed to have a release in the Belgian Dance Chart for an uninterrupted period of 3 years !!Their music is being used in films, series and computer games : e.g. Ugly Betty, CSI, National Lampoon, All my children, Eastenders, Neighbours, Traffic Cops, Pimp my ride, MTV Hit List, XBox, Nintendo, Konami, Miss Universe, NBA, ...the list goes on and on...