- Avratz


If you ask Avratz about his recent EP’s he would say that before you’re a DJ you need to be a dancer, only then can you understand the dancefloor. Like driving a race car with a shaking gearbox, knowing that with every sharp turn you take the floor and the people turn with you.The new EP “Need To Move” is about needing to express the music within you, when there’s nothing left but yourself and the beat – you have no choice, you’ve got to move.The second Ep; “Wav Of Love” is about the people behind the scenes. It’s a trib ute for the nomad riding a camel who will never know that his oud music playing while boiling tea at the bonfire underneath the Sinai Mountains made thousands of dancers get on their feet at the Block Club TLV. It’s about nomads with no na mes who travel the abandoned deserts of the southern borders, creating their au thentic music as a way of life. “Wav Of Love” is inspired by middle eastern techn o and is in fact a final tribute to the Madboojah Project.Famous for his ethnic-electronic Madboojah Project (2008), creating one of Israe l’s most successful electronic productions ever, and performing in Israel’s bigges t tech clubs such as the Block, the Forum, Club Q and the Grounded festival, Avr atz is one of Israel’s leading DJs and one of the few who have been invited to pl ay abroad in Ibiza, Boom Festival and the Netherlands.Avratz constantly breaks the techno limits while riding through progressive-techn o-deep house drifting between the borders of the melodies like the movement of the soul, dynamic and relentless.