- Andrei Niconoff


Dj / Producer / RemixerAndrei Niconoff is one of the latest talents to emerge of the international progressive house scene today. Living in Cancun Mexico, the Andrei ́s sound is defined as a musical hybrid that takes some elements and hues of genres like: progressive house, deep progressive & trance making a perfect musical fusion full of freshness, energizing bass lines, hypnotic rhythms and profound atmospheric colorful melodies that define and characterize the peculiar style of Andrei Niconoff.His tracks have been released for sale in many top labels in the international progressive House market like:Clinique recordings (Russia)Progressive house worldwide (Sweeden) Soundteller (Poland)Mistique (Uk)Super ordinate (Uk)Baroque recs (Uk)Elliptical sun recs (Russia)Elliptical sun melodies (Russia)Outta limits (Miami)Sunstate recs (Netherlands)Pleasure recs (Ukraine)3xA (Russia)And many others...