“Realizing how much electronic music could offer when it comes to connectivity between people was surely an wake up call I couldn’t ignore. I remember becoming aware of the relevance that was present in each and every detail on a track and perceiving the endless possibilities and combinations and their magni cent power to create moments and opportunities. This perception, I think, was the equivalent to nding meaning to my whole life.” Awka’s enlightening discovery was his rst insight of what would come to change his life perspectives forever. Without any musical in uence, “Awka” was desperate to nd modern ways of expression. As a young teenager, digging new and old records was surely somewhere to nd pleasure. At the age of 15, Awka’s moved to Munich, where took roots with the german culture and and made his rst contact with virtual synthesizers that lead to an in nity of experiments of the most different musical styles. Back from Germany with a blended cultural background, Rio de Janeiro was the scenery of the realization of Awka’s plans and the de nitive start of his career. After a few presentation, he formed the “Tenth Column” duo, which became resident of the famous Rio ME label party and performed at renowned gigs on D-EDGE, Club 88 (both in São Paulo State), Warung Tour and RAWW X ROOM. At the highlight of his career, Awka has been part of the crew that delivered the greatest electronic music carnival party ever seen in Rio - The “Bloco Ame”