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 - Nicolai Masur


Inspired by his brother Alexander Masur, DJ and member of the Electroducers, Nicolai Masur started producing electronic dance music in 2006. To get familiar with the basics of producing, he was first working with many different programs and sequenzers in connection with external devices, in 2007. In 2010, he published his first tracks with the label "Maheti Records" of which he is one of the cofounders. His productions are mostly of melodic nature, what is also reflected in his first release "Deloives" again. Besides, Masur relies on powerful surfaces and complex melodies. Not only melodic sounds, but also minimalistic tracks as for example "Dijeep", or chill out sounds are presented in his Reportoire. Together with his brother Alexander Masur, he has been successfully mixing records since 2008 in many different clubs and discos in the whole south of germany. Besides, Nicolai Masur is one of the members of the producers union "The Electroducers"; there, he produces and publishes all kind of electronic music together with the other four members Christian Heun (Ton Konstruktion), Manuel Masur, Timo Hinzmann and Alexander Masur.