- Rob Sloan


I wanted to write something in 3rd person so spectacular and overwhelmingly impressive with Djs ive rubbed shoulders with in the Dj Box or Producers ive tried to convince to share a calm afterparty with complete strangers who would surely try to expoilt another set out of him. With the pipedream to keep u reading or rather interested in me and what im doing, I am instead busy following the circling demon rings of wax leading the needle, or fidling with my knobs, freaking out the neighbors with my disfunctional take on african rythms that bled into 80's sci fi sounds better suited for a remake of BLADERUNNER. Concluding this monolog... This was my prefered delivery method of discribing what it is i do to recreate the sculpture of sound vibrations that my vocal passage cant reproduce and all this in the attempt to communicate with you. If u need me .... Smoke signals seem to work but dont waste the grass... :) Much love JOINT NATION FOREVER - Together we RISE