- Grand Giro


Grand-Giro is back! Electronic House Music .This is Grand-Giros rule forever! He started with Hip Hop but very soon, he found his destiny, passion and love in electronic music. If you ask DJ Giro about electronic house, he always reply “this is my f***ing life”. He experiment with new styles and gimmicks, but still stay true to himself. At the beginning in 2k, Grand-Giro become more and more famous in Germany. He acts at huge events and has had his own radio show on “Radio Querfunk”named “Club Deux”. Periodically famous DJs visit his show such as “Miss Thunderpussy”, “Ravers United DJ Onyx” and many more. Grand-Giro acts in famous Clubs like “GOTEC”, “Z10”, “exodus-parkhaus”, “Millenium” and so on. Listeners form the huge Frankfurt radio station “big-fm” (big city beats) heard his great electronic house-set music. One of his personal highlight was the legendary open-air festival “Campustage” in Stuttgart with more than 15k party people. At 2005 DJ Giro and his DJ friend DJ Liquid-I from Heilbronn start a cooperation. They went to a recording Studio and bring their in