- Sphenoid


Looking for a way to express creativity in an artistic manner, Sphenoid discovered the world of sequencers, drum machines an synthesizers in 2002. In short time these first contacts with electronic music gear evolved into a serious passion. Due to his constant enthusiasm and joy discovering the techniques and possibilities of the digital music creation, he soon created his own style which does not belong to a single genre only. Sphenoid’s music is driven by hypnotic beats embedded in spherical, dark and psychedelic chimes. Meditative sound patterns combined with recordings found in urban and natural environments merge into tracks ranging from Techno, Minimal, Psytrance, Progressive, Electronica to Dubtech and Ambient. "I do not see myself as a producer for a specific genre. I’m rather inspired by studying and exploring new ways to create sounds and to bring my emotions into the tracks. Having the ability to express myself in this manner really pushes me forward.” Fabian Schütz alias Sphenoid is an artist, producer and manager of his own label art.rec.lab which is an independent swiss record label, founded in 2011 and dedicated to electronic dance music. The vision of art.rec.lab is to promote electronic music from different styles and genres in digital format internationally. In this function, art.rec.lab supports Sphenoid and a small family of like-minded artists and producers.