- Javi Row


Javi Row is a DJ&Producer from Gran Canaria (Spain). He was born the 26th of January 1995.At the soon age of 14 he started to feel something special about electronic music and one year later he bought his first DJ equipment. He started doing House mixes but didn ́t have a clear unique style. It ́s two years later, when he has the first opportunity to play in front of an audience, he did it for almost 8.000 spectators. Since that, he started to be known and played in many clubs of the globe. He started to do several mixes and uploaded them to his new YouTube Channel. He loved electronic music, but he had a problem, he didn ́t have a concrete style. He listened to several music styles. It was then when he first heard of Deep House music and decided to make tech house and deep mixes, he liked the result and found his music style. His priority is to make people enjoy his music, his dream IBIZA.