- Cay-T


She started with singing and making music at a very young age. Piano, violin and singing in the choir of her father, laid down a classical base where she still likes to grab back at. A huge biography in everything to do with music, with highs in the 80s where she sang in several bands and where she won a big TV talentshow in 1986. The already prominent lady did not feel really at home in the circuit of soloists and soon she went back to her great love of Rock & Roll and did her own work. With bands ( Dojoji, La Farce, En Face) she toured through the Dutch pop circuit and they were on the best pop venues Her first succes as a Singer/Songwriter in the Dance scene is Ohmna - ‘The Sun’ll Shine’, which was a huge succes on Tiesto’s compilation cd S.O.S 6 . Founder of the legendary Sunday afterparties ( Chakraparty) in the Netherlands since 12 years and still a milestone with ever increasing enthousiasts. In 2013 she became Singer/Songwriter of Jazz/Lounge project Shakes + Seven. and started to do recording & editing and producing. This episode of discovery and experimentation ended with tracks of her own.