- Ashe


ASHE is a project I’ve been working on since about 2007... With a passion for creating and seeking a medium outside of visual art I got hooked on making electronic music at an early age. A long history of genres littered my discography when I finally decided I should take the project to the next level. ASHE is drawling techno set to cinematic soundscapes, world instrumentation and self recorded foley. Organic progression with varied tempos and intricate melodies paired with lyrics tracing back to the old routes of musical story telling. Leaving us with a sort of visualized music... Creating a unique story from listener to listener. **DISCLAIMER** (The Electronic Producer not the singer) So here's the story... Me and the singer also known as Ashe share the same beatport page. It's either this quick description or I (or her) change our name. (Working on that) Tracks from me are Little King and War Sun [Little King Records] and Morning Star [Emercive] Typically you can tell it's from the producer vs. the singer from the bones.