- Mirojam


mirojam is the stage name of Mirko Herth. Since 1987 mirojam is making electronic music. mirojam, whose grandparents hail from Italy, Serbia and East Frisia, grew up in the Midwest of Germany. He became a musician at the tender age of 3. He started out playing chime bars and practicing the ute, went on to the mandatory guitar, got familiar with the drumsticks and learned how to play the piano. To top things off, he eventually discovered his singing voice and completed a classical vocal training. The composition and production of his own songs had always been an affair to the heart for mirojam. After participating in a few different band projects, he decided to play all the instruments that he needed for his compositions himself. The world of electronic music provided him with the best conditions to create his very own music. With the help of an Atari ST, a tape recorder, various synthesizers and samplers his first recordings emerged in 1987. Electronic music became mirojams main platform to develop his skills further and further. Although he had seriously contemplated to study music after he’d finished school, he decided against it in the very last minute. He was to anxious that his creative choices would lose their freedom once his music became a business matter and would serves as his only income. This attitude hasn’t changed until today, with the difference that the time is finally ripe and mirojam ready to not only share his outpourings exclusively but with the whole world. From downbeat to techno, from electronica to trip hop – mirojams music evolves without restrictions and he never strictly follows the marching course of a certain genre. Simple as that. Time and again he collaborates with other musical free spirits from all over the world. In this way, many exciting projects arise. “I am grateful for your support. Hope you like electronic Music :-)(-:”