- Shabboo Harper


Shabboo Harper is a young and promising music producer. In 2015 she began producing her music, including writing lyrics to hers and other musicians' songs. She is the author of hundreds of texts and poems. In addition to her own released works [singles and EPs], she also recorded and released some successful collaborative tracks and albums. The variety of genres is immense from Ambient, Chillout/Lounge through Dark Techno, Hardcore/Doom, Witch House, Trip Hop/Glitch including Progessive House, Psytrance and Downtempo productions. In all artistic projects she always uses her own vocals. Shabboo's favourite styles are: Ambient, Industrial, Experimental and Psychedelic. Her creation is strongly associated with dark and gloomy sound, full of mystery and sensuality. Often enriched by warm melodies and differently shaped backgrounds. Music inspires in its diversity, while lyrics encourage to deeper reflection...