- Morego


MOREGO is a Downtempo/ Ambient / IDM music project founded in 2009 by Tehran based music producer Mohamadreza Govahi (aka Morego Dimmer) . MOREGO signed to Canadian record label "D.M.T. Records". The name of the project was taken from Morego Dimmer's real name. Morego Dimmer is also known for his other music projects like Xerxes The Dark (Dark Ambient) and Nyctalllz (Noise, Experimental). Connected through arches of melodic ambient themes,MOREGO's Music is a journey through dynamic downtempo ambient. Rhythmic patterns give structure by introducing minimal grooves, carried by melancholic neoclassical elements and organic sounds such as voice and piano. MOREGO offers crystalized electronic structures, while at times delicate and precise, turbulent sounds are often right around the corner. A powerful release that registers high on the downtrodden electronics Richter scale.