- Heinick


Well, grown up with Rock music, so much melody all the way from guitars, drums...Discovered the feeling about electronic music in the early 00’s. Love Parade, so much People dancing, laughing, hanging around to electronic Beats, kept me inspired all the Years. Since 2016 i enjoy giving the People on the Dancefloor a Feeling that nobody can really describe...a journey through emotions that brought to us all by music. Deep and satisfying, yes i am passionate in every way about music. Living it to the fullest.My first Release was on the Label Natura Viva called “Camshaft”. I thought “wow on Natura Viva”, what is one of the bigger Labels around. But for me it was that moment when my own Music finds the Way to the whole World...Since then, i got more Gigs where i had the Chance to play in front of so many fantastic People, it was amazing! My first Residency came in Frankfurt on the Event “Early Bird Afterhour”. Since then i connected to so much wonderful People. Now there will be more Upcoming Releases, one EP will soon drop on Analyse Records from my Hometown Wiesbaden. Really looking forward for this Release!