- Greg Notill


Everything's started at the age of 13 years old. Greg felt in love with techno music. In the 90's, he started to push the musical limits on every computers he tried. After a long experimental period, he decided to turned into hardtechno aournd 2002 (some people called it Schranz). He made a long carrer as an Hardtechno Dj And Producer during 18 years. He add more than 300 tracks released on different labels, on vinyls, cds... He played in Major festival Like Awakenings, Monegros, Decibel, Syndicate, Toxicator, Nature one or Radikal Styles in Colombia and played almost all around the globe. Hardtechno Schranz was his rst musical experience. He discovered how electronic music can drive the crowd in an energic and positive atmosphere. But after about 20 years of Hardtechno, he decided to experiment some more cool, melodic, cosmic sounds. The research drived him into something more subttle than he was doing in hardtechno. Hardtechno was about energy, techno for him is like a musical and cosmic trip ! After about 6 months working in studio, he started to send tracks to labels he love. His rst production directly appaered on a top 100 alltime techno label : Reload Black Label (Yellowheads label) . What Greg's Love the most ??? Sharing his personnal emotions with people for an innite musical trip !