- bassReaper


bassReaper is an independent artist from Italy. The project started in 2014 finding himself in the bass music scene with his first originals like “Aliens May Cry”, ”Interstellar” and playing as DJ in local clubs. He has also collaborated with other italian producers like Tryple, Lozz and I am Sid, in 2015 the collaboration with Tryple “Niggas From Mars” hit the dubstep chart with a 2° place world wide on the EDM.com network. In July 2016 bassReaper released his first EP “Hidden Welfare” and the next month the single “Teleporter” was in the top 10 played D’n’B tracks in Portugal. In 2016 he released another massive collaboration with Tryple “Ghost Hunters” and the track gains an upload on the biggest dubstep promotion channel DubstepGutter. Last year he dropped a 4 track bass house/dubstep EP called “Sh*t Talk” that includes collaborations with other italian producers. In 2018 Most Addictive presents Time to Reap EP by bassReaper. With Bone-crushing bass and piercing sound design, bassReaper is poised to become a star in the dubstep space.