- Jon Lee


BioSince 1994, Jon has been buying records and establishing himself in the U.S. and Canadian house music scenes as a regular behind the decks. Back in 1996, Jon founded Concepts Records, which became one of the front running sources for dance music in the northwest part of the U.S.. In that same year, He also helped establish Vinylized, an 18+ club that helped cement him as one of the Northwest's favorite DJs. After selling Concepts Records in 1999, Jon along with partner Brent Laurence started Tilted Records, a prominent west coast house label. Tilted Recordshave over 30 releases by artists such as Wesley Holmes, Dj Ali, Miguel Migs, Marques Wyatt, Julias Papp, Jay J, Jon Lee and many others. Since then, Jon's DJing Career has been in full swing. He has traveled to London, Barcelona, Hawaii, Miami, New York, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, and L.A. and has become a mainstay in the Vancouver and Seattle dance music scenes. Jon does a radio show on Strom;Kraft Radioon the 2nd Saturday of every month. . Jon has also been in the studio as of late making some new music with Corey Baker out of the U.K. Gene Lee, The Fender Fable, Joe Parker, Simon Houser and last but not least Josh Quest, under the guise Westside Legacy. Current releases are featured on such labels as Dance Lab Recordings, Tilted Records, Redhanded Records, Bass Boxx Digital, Cubic Digital, Clocktower Records, Celestial Records, Filter Music Records, Temple Music Group, FTC, Kiko REcords, hi-life records, Blue Orb Records, MIDI Life Records, Tonspur Records, Mad Hatter White, Mexa Records and Anadamide Records.