- Andy Clockwork


Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, Andy Clockwork has been a fixture in the Vancouver dance music scene for close to 15 years. Playing house of many different shades, Andy’s sets are characterized by smooth mixing, deep bass lines and funky hooks. Never one to get caught up in one particular trend, Andy tends to take what he feels are the best elements of each genre and meld them to create a unique feel all it’s own. Andy has held several long term prime time residencies in Vancouver and abroad, the most recent being a 4 year stint with Intimate Productions at Lotus Sound Lounge for SiGNAL Saturdays. On the production front, Clocktower Records is Andy’s label that’s been primarily a vehicle for him to put out his own music at his own pace. Andy has worked with other labels including Big Fish Recordings, Pin Up Recordings and perhaps most notably, The Inland Knights put out Andy’s “Clothes Off!” on a special 10′′ vinyl release on the notoriously funky Borrowed Music imprint.