- Stemi


Stefano Minturnino, aka SteMi, was born in Caserta in 1986.When he was child, he showed a great interest in all kinds of music, since his father became dj in a small local radio created by himself. He bought his first consolle at the age of fourteen, starting to move in the world of “clubbers”. Since then he has joined different projects including Deependence-Dejavù,Hysteria, Tech-away, After music nature, through which he has supported artists like Francois Kevorkian, Tedd Patterson, Smoking Jo, Paul Trouble Anderson, Quentin Harris, Jennifer Cardini, Daria, Anna Stefani, Joseph Capriati, Dj QU, Linkwood, Alex Millan, Dirty Culture, Rhadow, Carola Pisaturo, Renè, dj Simi, Pako S, Genny G, Chymera, Frankie B, Paul C, Romano Alfieri, Alex Picone, Marcolino, Fiore, JG Bros,Anna Leevia,Cipy. Nowadays, his sound is mainly deep/tech- house, but house music often gets back in an eclectic spirit and innovative sound. Since 2010, Stemi has taken up the new activity of dj producer, always aiming at an innovative sound which led him to develop his own personal idea of dance culture.