- Driule XL


DRIULE XL a.k.a KØLE (Audrew Kolesnikov) inspired by the vitality of the nightlife and his passion for music , quickly immersed himself into the house scene of his adoptive city Vilnius. He has a bachelors degree in Arts & Cultural Management. Spins records on his weekly radio show Driule & The Gang on most popular Lithuanian Radio PowerHit Radio, also in 2013 won a Burn Residency Baltics competition - from 5000 djs all around the world was selected to top 20 and went to IBIZA. His talent has rocketed him from small local venue to the biggest clubbing scenes in the Lithuania and Europe, his name becoming a trademark for an impressive, memorable and every time different event, becouse DRIULE XL is very adaptive DJ. He played in all the biggest & prominent clubs and events of Lithuania. Experimenting with music and sounds settled that DRIULE XL style is a real cure for electronic music gourmand with a guarantee for sexually charged tuneful house, spiced up with techy or progressive sound.