- Marco Zorano


"Marco Zorano uses racy passages to guide you through his own beat accentuatedsound in a classic 4/4 time. Starting with small projects under different names (CliffLaw and Seiiza), he made his first experiments in the studio. This sound has aconsistently high degree of recognition which is clearly and uniquely positioned inthe genres Techhouse and Deephouse. The drum based, very deep sounding andrhythmically propulsive beat in his sets have already made many a heart beat faster.Passion, enthusiasm and intensity homogenize in his projects. This healthy art ofperfectionism is also demonstrated at his live gigs. He plays timeless DJ sets andguides his audience through the night on a wave of musical rhythm pleasure.Since 2010 he has been producing in association with De La Maso as well as Dexxis,and together they bring their beats into the clubs.Other projects are being planned with aspirations for much greater things in thefuture."