- David T Boy


Born as David Krunic in 1991, living and creating in Belgrade, he’s already involved in electronic music for a nice period of life. If we talk about him as a music producer, first thing we have on mind is distant, deep sound, full of passionately and sincerely emotions converted into melodies. With ability to transpose any organic and analog sound into art he dedicated his life to expressionism in his music creativity. As a performer, David T Boy is consistently rated as one of the best artist for opening, or closing night. When DJing, he’s known for extended sets where he easily turns people into smiling and dancing crowd. David’s sets are never forgettable, and he has an unerring ability to disrupt expectations, whether it be dark confounding clubs, lounge beach party, or huge highlight festival. After releasing his debut album "Stres" in 2017 with eleven brand new, original tracks as a independent artist, largeness of his style and music taste in any genre was loud and clear. Going from relaxing atmosphere, down-tempo, break- beat, through the experimental house and techno stuff, album delivers us powerful open-minded horizon of emotions and energy.In early days on the label front, David signed his music on Heavenly Bodies, Sweet Stuff Records, Bedroom Muzik, Chibar Records and many others quality underground imprints. Although his music is mainly self-released, David is also a label manager of I AM DIFFERENT record label where he helped curate and A&R some of underground music’s most intriguing talents and continued searching for a different kind of sound, a characteristic identity and an artistic view of the world.


Welcome to Miami
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Ibiza Lounge Records | 2018-07-06