- Christian Michael


DJ and producer Christian Michael is known for his versatile electronic music style. Sometimes he sounds dark and minimalistic, sometimes more groove oriented and house-style. His latest releases tend to a more techhousy genre, driven by slightly shuffled forward moving percussions. For him music is more than a feeling. It is his passion and motivation that pushes him forward day by day, again and again. With his music he offers us an opportunity to escape from everyday stress and dive into a world of fun. We are invited to dive down into a world that can be chaotic and colourful but also melancholic. His music is everything, everything but quiet and restrained. Due to his long lasting DJ experience he has learned to catch the tempers and magic moments in order to reflect them with his music in a sophisticated way. Music, tailored to enjoying a hot sweaty party night in the club, that ensures you wanna dance your ass off.