- Dodo Basnak


Until then I will worry about death, unless I can reach the better life, after which she sent me here alone. Now I know music is a phenomenon, it is the only objective truth about this world. Dodo (Jozef Basnak, born 24. 6. 1988 in Ruzomberok/Slovakia) has always been a mysterious person. The mysterious person with natural ability with which he can battle the reality to achieve dreams. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes very hard. It is the life. Everybody should know, what a word life means. And everybody should know, what a word dream means. When You put this two words together, You should know what this is about. It is about being alive! I have known it for many ages, exactly over a time I can remember. Producing music is one of ways I can put my dreams into reality. Do You want to produce music too? Just do it. Do it as I a couple of years ago. Sounds of electronic music are fascinating. They are because You can hear them only when You are listening to this music straight in that moment. When I heard these sounds for a first times, I felt they have someting in common with me. Such a mysterious. It was not easy to take these sounds under control also with everything interconnented with them. Step by step from first shaky steps to self-confident present I get it. Now when You will be listening to his music henceforth and following other work of art, You will know how this biography continues...