- Michael Lander


The authentic dimension of person is not his age... but height of his ideals, width of his compassion, depth of his intellection and lenght of his endurance... Michael (Michal Babic, born 23.1.1990 in Ruzomberok/Slovakia) is a man, who senses reality far behind bounds of imagination... Imagination is not only word, it is a state of mind, what is very important feature of his life. With a lot of positive energy in his soul he succeeds to build up new thorought and this world became a new place for him, where he can achieve also the biggest purposes. All the time he strove by any form to change his thoughts into reality, but he succeeded due to music production. The music, like universal language gives to himself ability to show for everyone, what is inner deep in his mind. Trance is a genre, which fully explains everything, what young producer wants to express, but it is experience too, what describes a lot of emotions in every second. For him it is a chance how change the wor ld to be better... At first the music production started a new phase in his life, later a label D&L Records started next phase in his career. Long years of acquiring skills revealed him new horizons of knowledge and opened new gates into the world of music scene. High ambitions in combination with quality stable label allowed himself to represent his production also far away of his country. With success and many positive reactions there are a lot of new opportunities too. And nowadays, it is a great pleasure for him to make a music for many many people all over the world...


Venedig Chillout Lounge Music - 200 Songs
Inusa Dawuda, STJ, Joybiza, Mikelangelos Project, Kadent, Gantcho, Devillas, Rene Ablaze, Bvibes, Ripley & Jenson, Kevin Wellness, Chasey Rox, Jon Turner, Sync Diversity, Raven of Light, Debris of Theia, Karim Le Mec, Iridium Flares, El Petit Jardi, Myeric, Ampetermin, Kurt Tepperwein, Martin Andreas Paulus, Koon, Sascha Katschemba, Aquaba Project, Music Paradise, Prototype Repeatedly, Woltrax, Chairman Maocat, Lukas Termena, Angelica Borof, George D, Samantha Goldfield, KT, Avatar Illusion, Emilio Rodriguez, System Breakdown, Siempl, Ni, Radically Pornographic Audiovisual Xperience, Hyper Annie, Philli Broke, The Early Worm, Blooma Root, Planet Bass, Alex Dlf, Heso, Ricardo M, Dodo Basnak, Michael Lander, Mia Melody, Phil Wolff, Ten Thence, Quinnoux, Mandala Fields, Groove Genelation, Void Controller, Bantunani, Lyrik Lounge, Midimute, Note Repeat, Elmadon, Patrascano, Skeewiff, Cab Canavaral, Nina K Lucas, Alex Nöthlich, cc-live project, Jsignature Yancuic, Disque, Thommy Fusion, Kiss Me Yesterday, Red Adair, Murat Tugsuz, Canu, John 3 14, TenSuns, Shorpi, RND, Morfin Ma'fer, Tebic, Andre Kornev, Praxia, Vinito, Lady Wallace, Paranoja, Uncommerce, Hadeep, Simon Le Grec, Denise Guttenbach, F4k8, Skifi, Fred and Flow, Hauba, DJ Cosmos, Jason Fryer, Raybo, XmafaX, Sacred Sound System, Maurizio Piacente, Privat Projekt, Jon Jon, M C Life Emotion, Little Moon Project a.k.a. K.C., Walter Friedrich, Jörg Stadler, Eivissarts, Anuvida, Schwarz & Funk, Neu Abdominaux Dangereux, Ronald Boreas, Amitola, Chillout Youngster, Tranquil Wellness Emotions of Life, HiFi Deluxe, Sgarrow, Beat Suspect, Angel Armony, Tanya Blessing, Der Ziegler, Leotone, Stif Play, Gecko, Sonia Brex & Band, Armando Trovajoli, Aaron Steve, Liba, Rhythmphoria, Sombra Modos, Robasebeat, Kaxamalka, Bernd Filz, Baghira, Active Waves, Claude Funjet, DJ Moriarti, Entactic, Flight74, Atrium 59, Eynorey, DJ Kadarka, Angel Falls, Frequenze Vibrazionali, Vanessa Grey, Gerd F. Schumann, Iron Me, Fatal Brightness Alex, Dan Chi, Jack & Jones, Data Wave, Kayowa, Lauge, Counting Clouds, Joxephad, Carli Rowberry, Mind Conventions, Laurent de Paris, Nicola Babetto, Off Land, Richard Hanno, Roland Dorffner, Mutate, Chillo, Sanderson Dear, The Nasty Lol Orchestra, Yvonne Black, crushing excuse me, Elias Harmon, Madaline Romeo, Georgette Gabel, Dionne Finnegan, Helaine Stowe, Delbert Schneider, Fiona Daniels, Emma Luna, Ivory Simons, Marth Manthe, Double Go, Darren Kim, Alice Shelton, Claudia Hunt, Broke Luxorius, Vera Peters, Monroe Days, Bobbi Briere, Yan Gillis, Benigna Maier, Mike Warren, Roy Bennett, Vivian Holmes, Will Fishman, Yurajet, Magnetix Project, Twenty a.k.a. TwoZero, Skeewiff, Cristo Magnifico, Incontrol, Ganster, Lord Wallace, Max K., Ticane, S.a. Fred
Sa Trincha Recordings | 2015-12-04
Punta Cana Chillout Lounge Music - 200 Songs
Kusuma Orchestra, Best Of Chillout Lounge, Chris Excess, Schwarz & Funk, Lime and Shine, Mykel Mars, Digital Orchestra Berlin, Macerio, Aida Antonelli, Chillo, Bikini Beats, Hotel Stereo, Fiona Daniels, Glady Gowans, Elias Harmon, Arrojas, Alene Messina, Double Go, Myeric, Joette Ault, Emma Luna, Avelina Jose, Claudia Hunt, Clementine Calaway, flexible moon, Vera Peters, Delbert Schneider, Core of Time, Mister Paul, Dodo Basnak, Michael Lander, Mia Melody, Benigna Maier, Ambient Circus, Delfina Deines, Nicolai Jan Hübner, Ibiza Club Toys, Darren Kim, DJ-T, Silent Breeze, Jessie Pinkman, Jess & Jess, Vyacheslav Feoklistov, Oscar Rogers, Lana Lupercio, Blue Desert, Roxano de Santiago, Exit Mars, Rikki Rothermel, Daki 2000, Maurice Scoville, Will Fishman, Shanell Souza, Bed Shop Toys, Mike Warren, Ruben Hall, Walter Friedrich, Jörg Stadler, Aaron Steve, Gomo Park, Adam Mainka, Iridium Flares, Jolly Roger, Vivian Holmes, El Petit Jardi, Kurt Tepperwein, Anna Gemina, Florian Filsinger, TMC, Koon, Counting Clouds, Napo, Phil Wolff, Earthspaces, Ron Ractive, Utopian Hedonism, Molniya, Daniele Nacci, Tim Besamusca, Dr. Drummer, Sunset Session Group, Prototype Repeatedly, Bantunani, Woltrax, Inzah, Makr, Johannes Eggenberger, Mherman, Finist, Renga, Dusty, Cafe Royale, Ampetermin, Edelweissglut, Twenty1, KT, Soulful-cafe, Mixmaster Doc, Genom, Hailey Sphynx, Johan Giannis Hynynen, Avatar Illusion, Silent Waves, Clytera, Journey To Nowhere, Amino, Bomb The Beach, Bobbi Briere, Restless Guitars, Space Audience, Raphael Glott, Into The Blue, Temple Knights, Sensa, Rita Sousa, Mr. Beatz, Angelina Astle, Marsfinder, Druida Borealis, Richard Hanno, Bunuel, Howie, Tails Rocket, Three Dolphins Club, Heso, System Breakdown, Luigi Restuccia, Ask, Siempl, Reka, Niko Cocktail Agogo, Radically Pornographic Audiovisual Xperience, Returning Residents, Marek Bilinski, Rich, Djane Monique, Sanderson Dear, DJ Spotrolf, Ricardo M, Kenny Laakkinen, Hiloyuki Kubota, Shike, Feucht, Emmiel, R.r.sp. Project, So Phistry, Alice Shelton, Kai Elston, Roy Bennett, Cierra Ballester, Fruity Execute, Helaine Stowe, Leila Lambrecht, Light in Color, Josif Imen Puerta, Buddha Lounge DJs, Josefina Keller, Yan Gillis, Rosemary Olson, Georgette Gabel, Wesley Colon, Kiana Kazee, Noak Purushottama, Tokyo Tower, Locoto, Taedium, Electric Illusions, Weimar, Saphire, Space Echo, Sundowner, Off Land
Sa Trincha Recordings | 2015-07-17