- John Iuliano


John was born (September 15, 1983) in Reggio Calabria, Southern Italy. He is born with passion for music, all kind of music, from hip hop, hardcore techno, all up to electronic music in all aspects of progressive house and dance music of 90’s. When he was 16 years old he get into the world of music and producing with easy tools and after he started with professional equipments. studying music and production techniques occupy part of his future days in his studio, which creates and composes his own productions, remixes, bootlegs, etc... this is all he is looking for , for him right now that’s what matters the most. Everything that he is trying to do is to share his emotion and energy and to reflect this on his production, to trance sounds and also the progressive dupstep. He is also working with one radio that is in progress, constructing and building a weekly program with dance music and this program lasts two hours ,where he allows to expand his own cultural baggage with new trends and his own innovations in music industry. His first album is ‘The club’ with label Act 72 records and Tooltrax Rec and his single ‘Nothing’ with Beatsrec.