- E-Teb


E-Teb (Owner of Mode33 records) is a canadian Dj-Producer. Based in Montreal since 2004, he has played as a dj at most local bars & clubs. Later, in 2008 he started music production and live sets. He participated to many mix sessions at la SAT ( Montreal ) , with live sets. ... His music style is basically ; electronica, minimal-teck , experimental ...a kind of atmospheric sounds , spacey dub and a mind melting electronica beats that spins around the brain ... E-Teb has started in january 2010 his own record label (Mode33 records) and later in may 2011 he founded a new Sub-Label (E-Project) exclusively for his own experimental productions. LABELS : Mode33 records (Canada) , Diplomatik (Canada) , Up and At'em ( Argentina) , Clear-cut-records (Germany), Dekonstructure (USA), Moph records (Japan), Indeksmusic (Ukraine) , Dublin Xpress Recordings ( Ireland ) , Designforms ( Los Angeles)...