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 - Cristian Lange


Acknowledged as a multi-instrumentalist musician, eclectic DJ and music producer, Cristian Lange contributes to an extensive variety of electronic music productions. His recent album “Waves in the Sky Above” includes a wide spectrum of music genres as house, deep-house, techno, minimal, ambient, tribal, electronic-rock and breaks. Over fifteen years, clubs and lounges around the world enjoy his sessions. In addition, he has DJing around major nightclubs for fellow labels as Force Inc./Forcetracks including Akufen, Dub Taylor, Luomo, SCSI, and many other great producers, one of the best minimal tech-house to date. In 2006, with the support of Isolator Studios, Cris founded the record label K47 Music, hosting his own music and releasing productions of new generation artist. In his first album “Crisis”, this artist reveals that is possible create electronic music and to be intimately involved in the reality of our time. Followed up by his best-selling EP, “Low Rider”, clearly demonstrates he is capable of fantasy and adventures too. The versatility of his second album, “Waves in the Sky Above”, states clearly the conscience, commitment and creativity. A little story that illustrates my point: Over one year, curiously, was possible to find Cris DJing rock/pop classics tunes from his vinyl records collections during afternoons in a famous Lounge Club near Hauptbahnhof Zurich, same as years ago he used to play jazz/soul sessions in some exclusive restaurant in Saint-Tropez, Paris or Stockholm and later, on the same night, he could be found playing an amazing minimal-techno DJ set in the best nightclub in town till the morning.To date, Cristian Lange has produced and released several EPs, two albums and many remixes and compilations: In the Morning (2006), Anaconda (2006), El Encanto -Room Remix- (2007), Trockenfutter -Miam Miam Remix (2007), Diolactol (2008), Sea Eagle (2008), The Diolactol Remixes - Parts 1 & 2- (2009), Crisis (2010), Low Rider (2010) , Invisible (2011) as ‘Viatone’ join K-Spi, The Best Of -Vol.1 & 2- (2011), Waves in the Sky Above (2012) and soon available Hora Cero.Cris began his career as a radio DJ-operator in Buenos Aires. He was studying electronics and continued his passion for the sound building his own gear and performing in different bands. Once he dominates mixing techniques playing every day as dj resident during 2 consecutive summers in main Barcelona beach, his career took a new turn as he became a busy underground DJ in Europe.In Barcelona, Cris co-produced two big events with the most revered labels names in the German scene: Kompakt, Studio 672, Substatic, Treibstoff, Forcetracks, Pokerflat and Regular. In 2003 he performed at ‘BABA’, an event for 'New Creators Festival' held at the Center for Contemporary Museum in Barcelona (MACBA) which was part of the *Year of Design 2003* at the CCCB. Cristian resides in Zurich, Switzerland.


Over 300 Summer Chillout, Lounge & Ambient Beats
Counting Clouds, Heni Lasut, Churchen, El Ke, Las Chicas Professionales, Art Famely, Sancho, Gerald Paul, Greta Gaia, Elton Jones, Hondale, Slomo, Lady White, Roberto Scarpa a.k.a. DJ Overlead, Soni Soner, Michelle, Thesan Project, Avasea, Gianluca Altobelli, Reflex Artists, Firstclass, La Forge, Andrea Castello, Lekue, Enrico Donner, Alessandro Enne, Elekkk, Rockzone, Spurious, Molniya, Kaxamalka, Susy Seven, Digitalitar, Lamar Ensemble, Ron Ractive, Kick Bong, Terra Nine, Squazoid, Apollo59, Chillo, Bertram Geck, Green Grid, Bachot Muna, Infinity Project, Mbient, Tho Rick, Khajag, Time Away, The Sura Quintet, Logophilia, Wolfgang Plasa, Sternenton, Babah, Marcielo, Pacator, Davstr3k, Tofustaggerbush, Jack & Jones, Yoga Love, Arrojas, Heso, Frequenze Vibrazionali, Harmonium, X-Wise, Rhythmphoria, Robasebeat, Ladamar, Johan Giannis Hynynen, R.f.n., Miss B.T., Lofty Right, Chillelektro, Mario McPherson, Zen Ongaku, Robert Scharnke, Ocean Mind, Aaron The Baron, Mia Lemar, Bahia de Roses, Aqua Mundi, AndAWan, Joxephad, Myth, Tolubai, Sarai Jazz, Kid Vibes, Nikola Utopija, MACRIMA, Schwarz & Funk, Ku You, Poet, Mak Others, Omatar, Future Mind, Raw Conscience, Omero, Elmadon, Dunkhellraum, Los Surfistas Gigantes, Melisma Ryan, Alex Nöthlich, Yarara, Di Loopoz, Bernd Filz, Dynamics Plus, Progressence, Marla B. Bisches, Tarena, RND, Alobar, Knobstat, Guido Zitti, 2pan, Miss Tetanos, Sri.fa, Paolacci, Ice Pedestrian, Rowla, Sanderson Dear, Rob Benninger, K-Jano, Bazar, Electrodances, Emdy, Piscide, Leandro Lee, Passalo, Outward, Cristian Lange, Bad News from Cosmos, Renato Cantini, Gavino Loche, MASA, Void Controller, Klaus Bruengel, Ramon Seeger, Ash Kaan, Marsfinder, Zombie Ghost Warriors, Zwei-takt, Tanya Blessing, Magnam Gloriam, Chromatic Circle, Fido, Tax-5, Kano Kanape, Nge, Son Electronique, N8strom2618, Kuku Linear, Carsten Gronholz, Playme, Vitaly Lalia, We Are Tall Order, Micha Fust, Internaleye, Oudin13, Phon Antiphon, Martin Schmid, Aka Modus, Guze, Infinity Space, Marek Bilinski, Backstage Artist, Rya, Fake Plastic Heads, Gedevaan, Anuraga, Sqwer, Gameard, Rafal Kulik, Fobee, John Howes, Shympulz, D.n.acid, Jumpel, Dj Sky-kun the Dragon, Tomasz Osmanski, Adam Panagopoulos, Alexis Isaakidis, Amptek, Sean Doody, Akcija, Tekin, Crsto, Spektrum-Gebeit, Fatos Çeta, Trillian Miles, The Nasty Lol Orchestra, Dancing For Architecture, Yu Nothing, A.N.F. Project, T.a., Acca, Subficial, Arnoon, Parchim, Andrei Zaicev, Abendrot, Experimental Feelings, Sonis Rai, Pablo Bolivar, City Capture, Musique Pour Des Montagnes, Alu, Melomake, I.m.a.o., Malik, Jean Mare, Purplastic, Tebic, Prussya, Klangwuerfel, Mina, Electrik Soul, Adapt, Stefan Bayer, Atlantic Project, Mirror Shards, Flos, Sibri29, Cosmic Project, Ambiworx, Nathan Glick, Daki 2000, M Rik, Sphenoid, Art Electronix, Monroe Days, 8, Maiwald, Shorpi, Letagere, Mystery Kids, Hardford, Inerflaya, E-Teb, Michele Staino, Globster, Firnwald, Ovia, Luminar Ax, Cytherea, Marc De Bell, B-less, Michael Schwarz, RobertWM, Neil Nessel, Blue Robot, Etienne Vogel, Hiloyuki Kubota, Entactic, Bluff, Ee2, Shadow Totem, Lidless Sound, Naan, Kachas, Sgarrow, Skifi, Yullippe, Module Virus, Late Night Apex, Projekt Phönix, 23 ID, Marcielo, Ticane, Lesny Deep, Etwas Anders, Magnam Gloriam, Bart Panco, Elastic Deejays, Akcija, Farwell, System Is Chaotic, Dissolved, Apeabe, Masaru Saito
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