- Mappey


It has been a long time since Dave Digital and Leonicc started working at the turntables, as they almost exclusively has been playing vinyl records since 1997. Meantime their names is indispensable for any good line-up and so he switched to digital media step by step – needless to say, this is what will sell his new productions also in future. So far they toured through numerous international clubs and festivals, radio stations and production studios, and they even could demonstrate their skills on self-managed events. In 2006 they co-founded HMFclub.de and since then they has been working every minute on this electronic project "MAPPEY".


80 Tracks for Sport Athletic Fitness Aerobic and Workout, Vol. 7
Regina, Caisha, Joe Martinez, Jo Jasper, Ian Osborn, Nicolas Francoual, Lex Lara, Sissy, Gk Apsis, Dmitry Zaharov, Roger Slato, Danny Better, Nenna Yvonne, Luka Sambe, Filter Bear, Bronzato, Virkiss, Loudspeakers, PhatNoize, Next Dimension, Dr. Wizz, Jaques Le Noir, Dirty Ztylerz, Stay-C, dj Roupack, Can Yuksel, Leemar Project, Ashleigh Eymann, Natalie Grant, Red Panda, Andrea Scardamaglia, Mascha Waffelform, Momomo, Dj Guila, Gokhan Gunes, Bunty, Don Ray Mad, Matt Lewis, California Ave, Agent Juno, Syntheticsax, Mind24, Doozy, Rossko, Aiya, Livenup, HiFi Deluxe, Solar Eclipse, Eva, Timmy Taste, Mad Ease, DJ Turtle, Lucky Garcia, Jack Viper, DJ Prodigio, Lylou, DJ Sakin, Friends, Tommy Boccuto, DANIEL LOMBARDO, Sebastien Nox, Jim Nastik, Mappey, Mauama, Gabrio T, Volka Kent, Blake, Dj Jacky Joe, Dima Koch, Digital Learner, Dj Besiky, Mark Forbach, Dj Dawie, Gama, Arthur Distone, Andreas Lauber, Bill Stanfield, Sfrisoo, Jerry Dave, Play-mate, Ga5pi, Da One, Julien Carel, Nando Fortunato, Enriko Sailor, Chris Galmon, Andy Ztoned, Cartix 9, Crew 7, Soul Bros., Clubganger, Cori, Nightglow, Disco Channel, Ruskaa, Spadassin, Groovebot, Miloud, The Booty Jocks, el D, Audiolove, Uru Haberli, Ivy, Rob Estell, Carrilio, Randy Norton, Kevin Sunray, Best Seller, Royal Gigolos, Mark Horner, Vayu, Disco Mike, Daily Disco, Funkylicious, Wardita, Bozzi, Sebastian Weiske, Pilmat, Jay Rom's, Guido Waizenkirchen, Diana King, Andy Franklin, Clubganger, Ganeshaa, Steve Cypress, Disco Channel, Seibaz
Sports Audio Tools | 2014-07-12