- Frank Sebastian


Frank Sebastian lives and works as grafic designer in Cologne. Music is something he just can’t seem to get rid of ever since he was born in 1978 in Romania. He put on records at a variety of clubs and events in North-Rhine-Westphalia and Romania and at several radio stations such as “Aya Napa” (“Sunshine Life”), “Electronic Music Radio” or “Shouted FM”. That was when the idea came up to develop and manage his own event series where he would also deejay. So he gave it a crack – this was the hour of birth of “Treibsand”. Also as grafic designer he was involved in the conceptualization of several music events whenever the opportunity was provided . Still, he can’t seem to get enough. To him, making music is the most meaningful way of life. His ambition is to disperse the essence of deep music and to establish an open exchange of creative minds – that’s what sub.spiele is all about.